The most popular offering from The Charity Governance Guide has generally been the one day “Trustee Induction Course.” The starting point for this course is a new volunteer trustee with a good amount of common sense and an enthusiasm for their new role, but little or no knowledge of the charity sector, the trustees roles/responsibilities or their legal status. This full day of training provides an introduction to the UK charity sector and covers all the key areas of responsibility for a trustee. It can be targeted at either English and Welsh charity trustees (using the materials provided by the Charity Commission as the source documentation), or at Scottish charity trustees (using OSCR references).

Unfortunately, the Covid situation has prevented the delivery of his course for most of 2020, so the same material is now also offered via ZOOM. A full day of ZOOM is possible, but the preferred option is for 8 x 1 hour sessions which are offered on one evening per week over 8 consecutive weeks. A recorded version of each session is available for those that cannot commit to the full 8 sessions.

The “Trustee Update Course” has been developed as a result of feedback from some of the attendees at the Induction Course. Having learned the basics about their roles and responsibilities as a trustee they now knew that there was a bit more to it that they had thought, and wanted to dig deeper. The feedback forms from almost every Induction Course that I have run suggest various areas where the trainees would have liked to have learned more. But obviously there is only so much that can be squeezed into a day of training. So this more advanced course seeks to drill down into some areas in a little more detail. It uses plenty of case studies from the past as a basis for learning, and can be adjusted to meet the requests of attendees.

My courses are usually delivered to a group of 10-15 people which allows for personal interaction whist maintaining affordability. Cost is dependent on venue and numbers, but is generally £100 per delegate for a full day of training. The Zoom course costs £60 per person for the 8 hours of training.