There comes a time when every Board needs to ditch the agenda, get “out of the box” and do a bit of brainstorming. Otherwise you will deny yourselves the opportunity to come up with fresh ideas. This is where the workshop is the best tool for the job.

Workshops would ideally be part of an “awayday” type of event, but could also be held in a period set aside during a Board Meeting.

A successful workshop session requires a facilitator to stimulate the thought processes and encourage original thought. There is a balance to be struck between keeping a session on track and allowing the space for new inspirational ideas to develop. This is why a productive workshop needs an independent facilitator – someone who us not trying to get his/her own ideas into the mix.

A good facilitator is not overly fond of his/her own voice and is not seeking to deliver a lot of content into the session. Just enough to ensure that the right issues are being considered.

If you are reviewing your vision, generating objectives, considering you impact measurement policies, working out how to diversify your income streams, generating a risk management policy or indeed any other strategic issue then a workshop could be the way to go. And we can help you to make the discussion fruitful and to keep it focused..